Saturday, September 6, 2008


Barrie's Dad, Cecil, was a tanner and Mark remembers being told of the time when a flashy salesman in a brand new white suit came to the tannery. He was being shown around the tannery - around the grounds there were big pits of tanning effluent which was a green colour but as dust etc settled on it it looked like dirt and the salesman just walked right into one of the pits.

Go cart

Roger remembered having so much fun in the double go cart that he decided to make one for his kids for Christmas. The problem was that he tried to make it the same size as he remembered as a kid and it turned out so big and heavy that the axle kept breaking.

Returning bottles

Mark, Helen and Marion used to collect old glass soft drink bottles - which at that time could b returned to the shop for cash. They put them in the double go cart and sent the little kids into the shop to get the 5 cent refund. The little kids had to go to the shop - but the big kids kept the money.

Icy poles

David used to buy icy poles from the supermarket, freeze them at home, then sell them to Roger who couldn't resist. He made enough money to keep himself in icy poles.

Prawn Crackers

Beth said Nathan was on treat for FHE one night and made it into treat and a show. He was making prawn crackers and heated up the oil, then when he finished he forgot to turn the stove ,off, but put the lid on the pot. When he remembered he carefully carried the pot to the patio, took the lid off and they all got to watch it burst into flames.


Simone remembered their old cat by saying they had a cat called Poppins and 'sometimes she didn't bite me' - which says a lot about their relationship. Simone remembered Poppins sleeping in the middle of her bed and being too afraid to move her so Simone just lay on her side all night.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Robert said that when he was little he found it hard to sleep so he pulled his blanket and mattress all the way down the stairs into Monica and Simone's bedroom. David found him there and let him stay.

Monica said she and Simone would stay up late talking and they could hear Robert thumping down the stairs towing his mattress and blankets, followed by David and Beth calling out for him - then hiding under the pillows.